Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Of Carrot Cake and Chocolate

Sitting in Starbucks
Cool jazz
Gerry Mulligan
Frank Sinatra rat pack
Washing over me
I watch young slim chick
Blowing smoke like she was so hot
She's not
Bad breath like death
I gaze
Half crave
Some long black haired chick
So slick
see her Bend
Flick luscious long hair
Pout pink lips
Suck chocolate
In that suggestive way
Or is that me
Watching her
Imagining her soft slightly brown skin on mine
Her scent
Her touch
Till I'm half crazy
Loving the way she moves
Loving the way she looks
Frida Kahlo without the flower
All hard yet soft
Sensuous in her smile
And me half a mile away
Interrupted by guys in psychedelic t shirts
Kids in glasses
Babes in shorts all legs
Guy in shirts, ties all straight
Tapping tablets
Smart and not so smart phones
Bringing office into cafe
And something undeniable
Is happening
I watch her smile
Watch her watch
Watch her move
Heart fanatically beating
Like internal thunder
So loud she should hear
Palms wet
I crawl into her mind
Send passion waves
Avoid the guy selling his soul for commerce
Avoid the 2013 wage slavery
The women covering their heads
And look at her smile at me
And my hardness melting
Falling like a male Alice
Alex perhaps
Into the wonderland
Of her smile
Cappuccino shot icarus
In flames and melting
Into the eyes of this cool chick
And maybe
A little in love
In Starbucks
Over carrot cake and chocolate.

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